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  • Title/Presenting  Sponsorship

    This is the highest level of sponsorship, where a company's name is included in the title of the event (e.g. "Fashion Week Bangkok presented/powered by [company name]").


  • Official Sponsor

    This type of sponsorship gives a company exclusive rights to a particular aspect of the event, such as the official beverage or official technology partner.


  • Product Placement/Activation

    This involves showcasing a company's products or services within the event, such as a branded lounge area or product display.


  • Advertising Sponsorship

    Sponsorship may include advertising opportunities, such as placement in event programs or promotional materials.


  • In-kind Sponsorship

    This involves providing goods or services in exchange for recognition or exposure at the event. In exchange for their contribution, the company can receive exposure and recognition through branding, signage, or other promotional opportunities at the event.


  • Media Sponsorship

    This type of sponsorship involves providing media coverage or broadcasting services for the event in exchange for recognition or exposure.


  • Giveaway Sponsorship

    This includes providing gifts or prizes to an event organizer for distribution among attendees or winners of a competition or contest. Giveaway sponsorship is a cost-effective way to increase brand awareness, reach a new audience, and generate positive brand associations. It can also be used to support a cause or community initiative promoted by the event.

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