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  • All payments made to Fashion Week Bangkok® are nonrefundable, meaning that once a designer has paid for participation, the payment cannot be refunded for any reason. We understand that circumstances may change and designers may be unable to participate in the current season's event. Therefore, we offer the option for designers to transfer their payments to the next season's event instead of a monetary refund. This allows designers to still have the opportunity to participate in Fashion Week Bangkok® and showcase their designs without losing their payment.

  • By making a payment, designers agree to the terms and conditions of Fashion Week Bangkok®, which includes the refund policy.

  • To request a transfer of payment, the designer must contact BKKFW's customer service team at least 30 days before the scheduled event date.

  • The designer must provide a valid reason for their inability to participate in the event.

  • Fashion Week Bangkok® will review the transfer request and notify the designer of the decision within 10 business days.

  • If the transfer request is approved, the designer's payment will be credited towards the next season's event.

  • The designer will be responsible for paying any additional fees or charges associated with the next event.

  • Fashion Week Bangkok® reserves the right to make changes to this refund policy at any time, and any changes made will be communicated to designers via email and updated on the BKKFW® website [].

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